Deb Newman’s TV Appearance on Savvy Senior Sources

Deb Newman, Founder/President of Newman Long Term Care, recently made a TV appearance on “Savvy Senior Sources…Talking with Experts.” Deb spoke with host Beth Paterson and co-host Lori La Bey about the importance of planning ahead for long term care and shared her insights on long term care insurance and the industry.

To start, Paterson asks Deb to define long term care. She responds by explaining that it is when an individual can no longer do the 5 things everyone does when they get up in the morning by themselves: transporting, toilet, bathing, dressing and eating.

The conversation then switches to the importance of planning ahead for long term care and Deb touches on why she is so passionate on spreading the importance of it. “Everybody has that somebody that will take care of them,” Deb states. “And it is that somebody that I am most worried about,” she explains.

After Deb explains why she does what she does, talk of long term care options, cost, and affordability follows. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of long term care or are interested in getting more facts about long term care and long term care insurance, give this video a watch!

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