Why Newman has focused on LTCI for 26 years

An article by Deb Newman, President/CEO of Newman Long Term Care, was featured in the November/December issue of Advisor Today. The article highlighted that here at Newman Long Term Care, we do what we do because we care about the people who are affected the most by a long term care event: The caregivers. Newman Long Term Care is dedicated to bettering the lives of caregivers and has been for the past 26 years. Protecting those who suffer emotionally, physically, and financially by providing care is a priority here at Newman and is why we have focused in long term care for over two decades. Many people overlook the well-being of caregivers during a long term care event and do not realize the severity of the consequences caregivers face.

Here are some of the negative impacts that come with caregiving:

  • Up to 70% of caregivers show significant symptoms of depression.
  • Caregivers are more likely than those in the general population to have a chronic illness.
  • Caregivers can suffer from severe depression for months and sometimes years AFTER the crisis is over.


For the full article on Newman’s “why” and the impact a long term care event can have on caregivers, click here.

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