Minnesota: One of 10 best states for family caregivers in 2017

A recent article from Next Avenue reviewed the top 10 best states for family caregivers to live. Topping the list was Oregon, consistently ranking among the top three states on the Long-Term Services and Support State Scorecards of previous years, and providing a specialized state-run family caregiver support program to those in need. Not surprisingly, our home state of Minnesota also made the list, ranking in at number eight. Minnesota is noted as one of the best places for caregivers who also maintain full-time jobs, as “it is one of the few states with a law that makes family responsibility a protected classification from discrimination.”1 This law allows caregivers to safely take time off of work in order to tend to the needs of their loved ones, without fear of job loss.

In addition to legislation that protects caregivers, Minnesota provides a number of informational and support resources for caregivers who are struggling. According to the Long-Term Services and Support State Scorecards, Minnesota is also the nation leader in “choice of setting and provider” for those in need of care. In fact, 68.5% of Medicaid and state funded LTSS spending goes to home and community based services for older individuals with physical disabilities in the state. 1

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