Authorization to Release Information Forms

You have your long term care plan. Now we need to make it easier for your family to follow it! 

In our lives of ever-changing regulations there are often “unintended consequences” of some laws. The privacy laws that insurers need to follow, may make it tough when a family member needs to call the insurance company on behalf of a loved one. They mayneed to get information or file a claim and are told that they are not allowed access. 

Many companies have Authorization to Release Information Forms that you can sign, giving your family member the ability to interact with the insurance company on your behalf (if needed). This will make things easier for your family. Click below to download the form, or if form is not available, get the instructions for providing authorization to the insurance company. 

Allianz (form)
Bankers United (instructions)
Genworth Financial (form)
John Hancock (instructions)
Life Investors (instructions)
LifeSecure (instructions) 
MedAmerica (form)
MetLife (form)
Monumental Life (instructions)
Mutual of Omaha (form)
Prudential (form)
Transamerica (form)
Travelers (instructions)
United of Omaha (form)
Unum (instructions)

If you have questions regarding insurers not listed above, please contact our Policyholder Services at 612-454-4411.