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Ten Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Brain

February 2016

From our client newsletter: Don’t smoke Follow your physician’s advice Exercise regularly Reduce daily calorie consumption Socialize and have fun Develop your spirituality Engage in mentally stimulating activities Maintain your role and sense of purpose Seek financial stability Engage with family and friends Learn more about each of these by reading the full report from […]

Healthy Substitutes – Mashed Potatoes

February 2016

From our client newsletter: Healthy Substitutes—Mashed Potatoes Alternative: Mashed Cauliflowers Cook 6-7 cups of cauliflower in a large pot of boiling water Reserve 1/4 cup of cooking liquid then drain cauliflower well In a food processor, transfer cooked cauliflower Add 1 tbsp. oil. Then add 1 tbsp. water from reserve at a time, puree until […]