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Don’t face long term care planning alone!

November 2016

Are you a Senior? Single? No kids? You’re not alone. There is an increasing number of people finding themselves planning for long term care with no spouse or children to take care of them. If you are finding yourself faced with this problem, we can help. Check out this recent Wall Street Journal article on the […]

IRS Issues Long-Term Care Premium Deductibility Limits for 2018

November 2016

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) remains one of the most tax advantaged planning solutions available. Not only are the benefits paid tax-free (IRC 7702b), but policyholders may deduct some or all of their premiums. The Internal Revenue Service has announced it will be increasing the amount long term care insurance policyholders can deduct from their […]

Deb Newman quoted in Financial Advisor Magazine

October 2016

Our founder, Deb Newman was quoted in an insightful article done by Financial Advisor magazine.  In the piece, she discusses: How most people underestimate the cost of unplanned on their families Why even wealthy families need to plan for future care Why some coverage is better than none Click here to read the September 2016 […]

5 tips for affordable long-term care insurance

September 2016

Newman Long Term Care’s founder and president, Deb Newman, was quoted in an article by USA today. Newman provided insider tips for finding affordable coverage for long term care. Below are the 5 tips from the article: Buy sooner rather than later Work with an independent agent Start with a budget Plan realistically Go for a […]

Tax-Friendly Ways to Pay for LTCI

August 2016

Below are 4 ways that can make long term care insurance more affordable through tax-advantages: Tax-free withdrawals from an HSA (health savings account). Deduct long-term-care premiums as a medical expense. Make a tax-free transfer from an annuity. Make a tax-free transfer from permanent life insurance. For the full article and more information on these tax-friendly […]

The New Faces of Long Term Care Planning

February 2016

From our client newsletter: Think long term care planning is just for older people?  Think again! Here are just a few of the celebrities who are turning 50 in 2016.  If you know anyone who was born in the 1960s, let them know that now is the time for them to explore their planning options […]

Do you ever walk into a room and can’t remember what for?

February 2016

From our client newsletter: If you do, you’re not alone… A recent study reveals that this concept is called event boundary. Your brain takes the thoughts you have in one environment and files them away. So, when you are going from one room to the next, it’s easy to forget what you are looking for […]