Our Process

IMG_0400eLong Term Care insurance is a great way to protect assets and independence. But with the huge variety of providers and policies, buying this type of coverage can be complicated and confusing. Unlike many insurance agents, our specialists have a deep understanding of Long Term Care insurance and all the products it offers because they focus exclusively on this type of coverage.

At Newman, our specialists are dedicated to educating and advising you on making wise decisions regarding your future care. We make planning simple by walking you through 5 easy steps.

Step 1: You have questions? We have answers.

Where would you prefer to receive care if needed?

Each person who uses our services comes in with their own questions and concerns. Our goal is to meet your unique needs and answer any looming questions. We’ll talk about the basics of Long Term Care planning and address any concerns you might have about types of care available, LTC costs, the impact on your family and any past experience you’ve had with LTC. Contact us

Step 2: Discuss care options

While no one likes to think about the possibility of needing care, many of us will need it one day. This step includes discussing your individual care preferences, including:

  • How much will your family be involved with your care?
  • Would you like to receive care at home or in a more community-driven environment?

Step 3: Let’s talk resources

Everyone is different when it comes to available financial resources. We’ll discuss your current financial situation and how much you would be willing to contribute to comfortably pay for your care. We’ll also talk about any family or friends who may be involved in financing or providing your care.

Step 4: Discuss funding options

If you needed care, how would you pay for it? We’ll review the roles that health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid play in terms of paying for Long Term Care. We’ll also discuss how LTC insurance works and how it would coordinate with your other financial resources. We may talk about how certain life insurance and annuity policies might be used for Long Term Care as well.

Step 5: Let’s create your LTC plan!

Together, we will work to develop a reasonable Long Term Care plan that works best for you based on the previous steps. We’ll discuss the best ways to protect your family and your assets. If we decide on LTC insurance, we’ll determine the best company and policies that fit your specific needs and desires.

To get a preliminary idea about what your unique plan might look like, please take a moment to get your free quote.