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What is Long Term Care?

Long Term Care (LTC) includes any care received continuously over an extended period of time. Typically, it involves care you may need if you are unable to care for yourself or need help with Activities of Daily Living (or ADLs) due to a serious injury, chronic illness or cognitive impairment. Learn More >

Cost of Care

The amount you spend will also depend on the type of care you receive and the length of time you need it. Still, Long Term Care needs often evolve over time. In many cases, people will initially receive LTC services at home and eventually need to transition to a different care setting such as an assisted living facility or a nursing home. LTC expenses need to be extended when this type of situation occurs. Learn More >

How Would You Pay?

Paying for Long Term Care can be very expensive. If you've had friends or family who needed Long Term Care, you may know what it can cost. Still, many people mistakenly believe that LTC services are already covered through their existing insurance or government programs. Others believe they will be able to "self-insure" or turn to their families if a long-term care event arises, not realizing the devastating impact LTC can have on a family's savings and wellbeing. Learn More >