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An Important Note to Women

April 2018

Taking good care of what you love the most Think about the things in life that last: a well-built home, heirloom furniture, cherished jewelry. We take good care of what we love the most. If you think about all of the people in your life, women are the ones who truly are made to last. […]

Alexa’s newest feature: care provider?

March 2018

It seems everything these days is headed towards becoming  self-functioning. Whether it’s Siri, Alexa, the Rumba Vacuum or self-driving cars, robots and artificial intelligence are becoming a highly popular way to increase convenience and even safety for consumers. At the Inter-Company Long Term Care Insurance (ILTCI) Conference in Las Vegas last week, the Newman Long […]

Minnesota: One of 10 best states for family caregivers in 2017

March 2018

A recent article from Next Avenue reviewed the top 10 best states for family caregivers to live. Topping the list was Oregon, consistently ranking among the top three states on the Long-Term Services and Support State Scorecards of previous years, and providing a specialized state-run family caregiver support program to those in need. Not surprisingly, […]

Photo of Minnesota Long Term Care Insurance Tax Credit

Don’t Forget Your Minnesota State Tax Credit When Filing Your 2017 Taxes

February 2018

Over 30 states offer some kind of incentive for owning Long Term Care Insurance, whether by allowing a state deduction or a tax credit. For example, in Minnesota, if you or your spouse/partner paid premiums in 2017 for a qualified LTCI policy, you may be able to receive up to $100 tax credit each if […]

Note: Our office will close at Noon on 11/30 for charity work

November 2017

In the spirit of giving back, our office will be dedicating a few hours Thursday afternoon to help the less fortunate this holiday season. We have partnered with a metro area charity, Gifts for Seniors, and will be working on activities Thursday, November 30th to help this group reach their goal of serving 4,500 isolated seniors in the Twin […]

Deb Newman Featured on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Podcast

November 2017

On Friday, November 24th, our founder and CEO, Deb Newman, appeared as a guest on the nationwide Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio™ podcast.  Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio™ believes in giving voice to those afflicted with the memory loss and their care partners while empowering them to live purpose filled lives. Their goal is to raise awareness, give hope, […]

Looking to Buy Long Term Care in St. Cloud?

November 2017

What You Need to Know About the Rising Cost of Care The good news is people are living longer. The bad news is we’re getting sick as we age and long term care can be expensive. Currently, 80% of long term care is provided within the home.1 Most people prefer to receive this form of […]

“Color Your Mind” Book Giveaway Winners!

August 2017

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest for the chance to win one of 5 copies of Maria Shriver’s new book “Color Your Mind” for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. If you are one of our 5 lucky winners, watch for an email with additional information on receiving your copy of the book! If you participated in our […]

Beware of Elder Fraud!

August 2017

Fraudulence is everywhere, and when you are aware of it, you don’t fall for it. But how about those who don’t know any better? Elder fraud has been an increasing issue that takes advantage of the trust, loneliness and lack of judgment of our naïve elders. This type of fraudulent behavior comes in many forms. […]

“Color Your Mind” Book Giveaway

July 2017

Alzheimer’s: A topic of conversation that is unfortunately making its way into the homes of more Americans these days. Within the last 15 years, the number of individuals in the United States living with this disease has increased by 55 percent, with the expected number of cases projected to rise to 16 million in 2050.1 […]