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“Alzheimer’s Speaks” on the Importance of Long Term Care Insurance

January 2018

Recently, our own Deb Newman appeared as a guest on Lori LeBey’s podcast, Alzheimer’s Speaks. This podcast covers all things Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Through discussions and learning, the show aims to give a voice to those suffering from these ailments and empowers them to live purpose filled lives. During Deb’s conversation with Lori, the two […]

Top Ten Most Expensive States for Home Health Aides

September 2017

We wanted to take the opportunity to share this eye opening piece from Financial Planning. The first five states listed are tied for #10.   10. Wisconsin Annual state median: $52,624/year 5-YR annual growth: 2% Most expensive region/city: Racine/Sheboygan: $56,628/year Least expensive region/city: Green Bay: $45,760/year   10. Oregon Annual state median: $52,624/year 5-Yr annual growth: 1% Most expensive […]

Alzheimer’s and Country Music Lose a Voice with Glen Campbell’s Passing

August 2017

Glen Campbell’s passing broke the hearts of country music lovers everywhere. With his classic hits such as “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “Gentle on my Mind,” and “Wichita Lineman” Campbell has made a musical legacy for himself. The Star’s career unfortunately had slowed down immensely with his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s in 2011. According to Randy Lewis of the […]

What’s your plan for aging in place? New research shows popular answers.

March 2017

One Minnesota senior comments that communities and neighborhoods are being built as if they live in Peter Pan’s world and no one grows old. Jessica Finlay, an environmental gerontologist at the University of Minnesota, plans to dedicate her career to researching how senior citizens interact with their communities and neighborhoods emotionally and physically. Finlay’s most […]

How might Google’s smart spoon help people live independently?

June 2016

Google launches new smart spoon to help individuals with hand tremors or Parkinson’s disease. This new smart utensil senses hand tremors and balances them out allowing the users to feed themselves. Advances in electronics are allowing more people to retain more of their independence, in their own homes. To read more about this smart technology, follow […]

10 Common Summer Vacation Injuries

June 2016

During the summer, the number of patient visits spikes due to summer vacation related mishaps. Here are the 10 most common summer vacation injuries: Water sports injuries How many each year: 29,000 Amusement park, state fair, and carnival ride injuries How many each year: 37,000 Volleyball injuries How many each year: 59,000 Trampoline injuries How […]

The Longest Day

June 2016

Every year on the summer solstice, the Alzheimer’s Association® holds a team event called The Longest Day. This event is meant to raise money and spread awareness for those battling Alzheimer’s disease as well as their caregivers. From sunrise to sunset, teams are expected to create their own experiences and participate in any activity they […]

3 Tips for a Healthier Valentine’s Day

February 2016

From our client newsletter: Dark Chocolate Chocolate is a staple of Valentine’s Day. Try swapping your traditional milk or white chocolate with dark chocolate. Its health benefits are far greater, with half the sugar, four times more fiber, and twice the potassium. Go Fun-Sized The smaller versions of favorites will allow you to indulge while […]

Do you ever walk into a room and can’t remember what for?

February 2016

From our client newsletter: If you do, you’re not alone… A recent study reveals that this concept is called event boundary. Your brain takes the thoughts you have in one environment and files them away. So, when you are going from one room to the next, it’s easy to forget what you are looking for […]

Laughter may actually be the best medicine

February 2016

From our client newsletter: From head to toe, research shows that a hearty chuckle can yield the following benefits: Improves memory Improves sleep quality and helps treat insomnia Reduces depression and anxiety Bolsters immune system Protects against heart attacks Increases blood flow improving blood vessel function Relieves tension in muscles And much more!