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“Alzheimer’s Speaks” on the Importance of Long Term Care Insurance

January 2018

Recently, our own Deb Newman appeared as a guest on Lori LeBey’s podcast, Alzheimer’s Speaks. This podcast covers all things Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Through discussions and learning, the show aims to give a voice to those suffering from these ailments and empowers them to live purpose filled lives. During Deb’s conversation with Lori, the two […]

Top Ten Most Expensive States for Home Health Aides

September 2017

We wanted to take the opportunity to share this eye opening piece from Financial Planning. The first five states listed are tied for #10.   10. Wisconsin Annual state median: $52,624/year 5-YR annual growth: 2% Most expensive region/city: Racine/Sheboygan: $56,628/year Least expensive region/city: Green Bay: $45,760/year   10. Oregon Annual state median: $52,624/year 5-Yr annual growth: 1% Most expensive […]

7 Steps to Becoming More Resilient

August 2017

At a young age we learn resilience through overcoming smaller obstacles that we face, such as standing up and dusting ourselves off after being pushed down on the playground. As we age, we tend to forget how to use resilience to overcome obstacles when our problems become much larger and more frightening like the deteriorating […]

According to Industry Leaders: Home Care is the New Long Term Care

August 2017

The biggest myth around long term care is that it’s nursing home care. However, 80% of care is now provided within the walls of patients’ own homes.1 Knowing this, many individuals find the idea of planning for long term care more attractive, and affordable. A recent article by Judith Graham of Kaiser Health News is […]

NewmanLTC Quoted in Kaiser Health News Article

July 2017

In a recent article published by Judith Graham of Kaiser Health News, our own Deb Newman acknowledges the benefits of insuring for home health care. Read the full article at http://khn.org/news/how-to-get-long-term-care-at-home-without-busting-the-bank/

Affording Long Term Care: Get the Facts!

July 2017

Do you have retirement on your mind? Perhaps you feel like you are well prepared, or maybe you are uncertain if you will ever be able to save enough. According to a recent post on The Motley Fool, current estimates of the cost of retirement hovers somewhere around 1 million. This number is colossal, and […]

Home is Where the Heart is! (and Long Term Care)

July 2017

When people hear the words “long term care,” they often think of nursing homes or assisted living facilities. However, what many do not realize is that almost 80% of care is provided at home.1 Recent statistics indicate an increase in the amount of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who are dying at home as opposed to […]

The “Opportunity Cost” of Long Term Care

July 2017

Have you noticed the topic of caregiving coming up in your conversations with friends and family? You’re not the only one! In fact, this has become a popular topic of conversation, and Chris Farrell of the Star Tribune wants to tell you why. According to his article, the level of preparedness for long term care […]

Deb Newman’s TV Appearance on Savvy Senior Sources

July 2016

Deb Newman, Founder/President of Newman Long Term Care, recently made a TV appearance on “Savvy Senior Sources…Talking with Experts.” Deb spoke with host Beth Paterson and co-host Lori La Bey about the importance of planning ahead for long term care and shared her insights on long term care insurance and the industry. To start, Paterson […]

What are the Odds?

January 2016

As of this morning, the PowerBall jackpot is up to $700 Million.  As you’ve probably heard, the odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 292 Million. Let’s put that in perspective with some other well known odds: 1 in 86 million: The odds of incurring a serious injury in an amusement park Source: Discover, Vol. […]