Long term care goes back to the future!

Ever taken a trip down memory lane and reminisced about your childhood?  For many dementia patients, these early memories can feel like the only strong memories that are left. On a recent segment from the Today Show, experts discussed “Reminiscence Therapy,” a new practice that is being implemented into adult day care facilities for Dementia patients. This therapy consists of setting up dementia friendly spaces that remind patients of their early lives. Elements such as movie theaters playing classic films and old-time diners are used to stimulate the patient’s early memories and encourage socialization with others. Evidence also suggests that being surrounded by the scenery of their youth  has the ability to put these Dementia suffers at ease and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Adult day care therapy has the ability to help caregivers as well. By relieving them of their duties for several hours, the service allows caregivers to get a break and take care of their own needs.

With so many emerging options for care, it’s important to explore insurance policies that accommodate new care trends. At Newman Long Term Care we work with clients to find a policy that best suits them and their potential future needs.


  1. Today Show, 4.10.18. Courtesy George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, Inc.


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